This is where the infamous SCRPPT comes from...
Wet, Cold but Happy Field Trialers!
Springer Creek Ranch
& Wise River Spaniels
Home at the Ranch

Dogs, Cats and Longhorns

Field-bred English Springer Spaniels, Channel Catfish (and
you thought it was furry kind) and Texas Longhorn Cattle
are the full-time residents at the Springer Creek Ranch

Four families with a common goal purchased the ranch in
August of 2001:
Karen & Richard Bornes
Cathy & Bob Iversen
Risa & George Keiller
Betty & Philip Somers

Since that time we gained a couple of neighbors with the
same goal:
Gigi & Robert Clayton
Mary & Steve Kane

And have since lost Richard whom was a cornerstone of the
ranch.  He was great partner in all that we have done and
he is sorely missed by all of us.  Karen and Richard's sons -
Bryan and Chris (and their families), are still enjoying the
Wild Things

An abundance of wildlife completes the resident circle at
the ranch; we are fortunate to have whitetail deer,
armadillos, possum, rabbits, wood ducks, raccoons,
bluebirds, woodpeckers, scissor tails, coyotes, and a
Mexican Black Panther.
We are less than fortunate to have an ample supply of feral
hogs, skunks and bellycrawlers.