Texas Longhorns
Longhorn'd Critters

The biggest tourist attraction at the ranch is the herd of
registered Texas Longhorns.  We were going to start
with just a trophy steer (aka ranch ornament) but then
heard they don't do well alone so the next thing you know
Cathy, Karen, Richard and Bob are off to places
unknown in search of the future Springer Creek Ranch
herd of Texas Longhorns.

We started small a few years ago and have only bought
one new bull since the original group of cows was
purchased.  In 2008, we have had 18 calves of which 14
were the precious heifer calves.

This group of cows, calves and a couple steers are
gentle and will eat from your hand.  A few are too friendly
and will keep "pushing up" for more of the hand fed
cubes and all, are just plain nosey.  Whether we are
training dogs with pheasants flying and shotguns
blasting, building a new fence or fishing off the pier, they
will come by to visit or perhaps even lay down and watch
(they love the dog training sessions).  Each has a call
name but so far none are too responsive by name;
however, Richard did whistle train the original group and
since he drove a big diesel truck they also come running
to diesel trucks and the diesel mule.

Today, we are mostly selling steers and bull calves but
do have a few heifers & cows available.